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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Asbestos Lead Asbestos

I'm reading the nausea and everything i listen to on the radio makes me sick. I'm sitting in my room looking outside onto Peckham road, a scuzzy grey cloud is telling me he's sticking around for a while so my bags are almost packed and a move to Berlin is imminent, 2 weeks in Deutschland on my own. 2 disposable cameras, 1 notebook, Tape player, box of earl gray tea, passport, pocket half full of gold, a small synthesizer, three changes of clothes and a tape or two.

Here is what i hear when i look out of my window..

The 012 - Asbestos Lead Asbestos


Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Raping Rat Records part 1

Anytime i have change in my pocket and i'm in Camberwell, Rat Records is where i'll always end up. When i first started buying punk, before i knew about minus zeroes and Intoxica in Nothing hill i used to go in every Saturday, early as i could to haul through the singles. Sometimes i'd leave empty handed but a lot of the time i'd come away with a plastic bag full of the best grotty, slimey looking groups i'd never heard of slap bang on multi coloured tatty sleeves, rarely were they shit or more than a fiver! I hadn't had one of those little hauls for a while so i decided to get my fingers dusty.


I'm now at home smug as anything, 20 pall malls and 3 fucking singles! Tenner it cost, to the old tarts reading this i bet you can remember picking these up for 15p, hoorah to the past, unfortunately to any young man with coppers in his pocket and a thirst for those little black plastics, Oxfam now have the record price guide and every record shop has Popsike hence making it nearly impossible to 'bag a bargain' unless you really really trapse hard or buy a job lot of stuff, which i sadly had no time to do when in Camberwell this morning.

Johnny Moped - Incendiary device


One of the most dog eared, nasty little singles i've got. The lyrics say it all

Walkin down the road with my Incediary device
Lookin for a lady, blow er up with gelignite
stick it in er lug-oles watch it blow er 'ead apart
stick it in er lug-oles stick it in er other parts.

Metail Urbain - Paris Marquis

When i joined S.C.U.M all i would do live was slam down the nastiest sounds, i was never in time, nor listenable, i was sure i was turned down in every gig. Making a racket was all i wanted to do, if you listen to any Metal Urbain you can hear them cane their synthesizers in small doses, i would leave the keyboard on bypass and go from there.

Funnily enough it was in Paris i realised that i needed to learn the parts to the songs because we were playing on a big stage with a massive P.A and it sounded dispicable. Anyway dig this.. I couldn't find the flip to this single on the internet so a live performance is what you've got.. This cost me 3 quid in the bargain singles!! What the fuck is it doing in Camberwell!?

Fad Gadget - Back To Nature / The Box


Was over the moon to find this this morning, i love everything about this single, both sides are fucking excellent!

I call this post, raping rat records part 1 because i haven't really looked through my other stuff and hopefully there'll be more little finds to report in the future! Enjoy!

Monday, 31 May 2010

Sunday, 30 May 2010

My New House #5


Okay, I must say i'm over the moon to leave the last place. The radio transmitters were long fizzled out, there were wholes in the floor so i couldn't play marbles plus i had no means of getting back to shore so i had to eat fucking barnacles. An opening came up fortunately from a friend who worked at general motors in 1964. I decided to move straight in. Pretty romantic little space this..



I got to the place and this fucking bandit was parked nicely above the house.


Pain in the arse to drive but this expat human synthesizer is on the stereo..


I'm not interested in telling you about the life and times of this man but more about the song in particular. The song is called The World Is One. I heard it when i was on my own trapsing around a few record shops, it's a fucking strange song but i think as someone who reads this blog, you might see the absolute genius in it. Finders Keepers have just reissued a collection of Sam Spence's mooged out fuckery and this song in particular tore my fucking head off. I have a real thing for choral vocals and this pushes all the right buttons, not something you can play at parties or anywhere where more than yourself are hanging out but I mean I can't say much about this record that you won't feel yourself when you hear it. Do yourself a favour and listen to it in headphones or big fucking speakers you won't regret it.

P.s - it's really worth checking out this guy and his music out, quite the story. Enjoy!

Friday, 21 May 2010

School's finally finished


I've finally left school. I'm never going back, all my friends left today. Everyone i grew up with is going there seperate ways, i'll probably never see half of them again, they'll never be in the groups i remember them to be in, everyone has grown up since i last saw them. I must say it was one of my favorite days of all time. I feel really weird at the moment, that was the last thing in London that stayed the same, those people being there.. People going to prison, university, people changing is something i'm finding hard to get. Going to miss them all i think.

(except the cunts that stole my rollups).

The Tops - I found you

This song is all i could play when i got home, it has in no way got any relevance to school or anyone in it but it has this strange sort of connection. The stride of the song is like a feeling of moving forward, "and then i found you". It feels like your embarking on a journey when he sings those lines. This song wherever it's played you can't help but feel happy. It has a quality to it that creates instant nostalgia, quite hard to explain but this song represents for me really good times. It might not for you but i can't think of anything better to accompany this post.

When I was played this for the first time at a friends house, i can remember being speechless throughout the whole song. This song really needs no introduction, for me it's the song that stands aside from everything else. The end of it has probably my favorite part in any song ever, the female vocals cut me into pieces. This song is also a dedication to everyone on Amhurst road past and present.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

My New House #4


I've been extremely reluctant to leave my last house, which i'm sure none of you can remember but Ennio Morricone provided the soundtrack and the view was fucking excellent. Unfortunately every good thing has to come to an end. So, i have packed my bags and left for Maunsell Towers Sea Forts. Buildings built to protect the Thames estuary from enemy air craft in the second world war, i've brought plenty of bedding and a two man dingy so there is indeed fun to be had. Of the 4 structures, I've chosen to take up residence in the radio control tower, which you can apparently still transmit from. So i'll try and get a podcast going or something in the next week for you all.



Choosing the music to accompany this was quite tough, it took me some time to think of what kind of sound would suit the forts brutal, steel structure. I thought something Electronic, Heavy, brooding, industrial or something "Cold Wave" yar. but then realised how bone shakingly obvious that connection was. I've chosen to use a song by a guy called Eden Ahbez instead who according to wikipedia


'Lived a bucolic life from the 1940s, who traveled in sandals and wore shoulder-length hair and beard, and white robes. He camped out below the first L in the Hollywood Sign above Los Angeles, studied Oriental mysticism, and claimed to live on three dollars a week, sleeping outdoors with his family, and eating vegetables, fruits, and nuts'. Genius. Do a bit of research on him, he's quite an interesting character and i think this song has every feeling of desolation that these buildings project with there facade surviving 67 bitter British winters. This song sounds how the picture looks i think.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Walking to Wigan

Jaibi - What Good Am I

I apologise for the ridiculous amount of writing i've done recently so i'll keep this one pretty bog standard. Right here is a straight up down town hot cake of a record. Perfect in every way. The guys who fix windows turned up yesterday now i can have my window open and play everyone my music! Perfect track to start with. Southend boxing day favorite!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Each Of Our Senses Screaming With Deelight

Groep 1850, a dutch band started in 1964 in Den Haag with a fairly / sadly common story, first single released on a tiny label, picked up as a prospect by Phillips dropped as next to no copies sold, Dutch Discofoon picked them up and released a slightly less outrageous LP which again did nothing to dent the pop scene so Groep 1850 faded into obscurity staying active into the seventies and releasing an album and a few singles to them then fading away completely. yadda yadda yadda, draw my breath.

At every stage of their ten year reign, for me they are one of the most exciting, strange, freakish, creative outfits that i know of. Creating a sound so fucking diverse that 'Trippy' and 'Acid Drenched' as accurate a description those terms are, just don't cut it, it's so much more than that.


Groep 1850 is bordering on brilliant insanity. Agemos trip to mother earth is full of the best studio work which barely just manages to remain human. I mean some of their songs "I Put My Hands On Your Shoulders" notably have the ability to drag you screaming into the abyss. The ability to make you lose yourself in your mind and find yourself alive in theirs - a raging river built of strong currents of wild amplified sound throwing you down further and further swallowing you up and regurgitating you out again a different human being. Even if you're on a 171 on your way to work at 9 o clock on a Monday morning and have never touched acid in your life you can still feel the absolute brain frying power of their records. In a simpler more easy to digest sentence some of it is how i imagine being possessed would feel.


For me, the first time i heard Group 1850 it was on a brilliant series of tapes i was given by a friend entitled 'shapes and sounds vol 1-3'. I had no idea what was what on any of it as their was no track listings pictures or anything but I remember sitting on a ferry to Calais on a way to a gig, listening to one side of this tape over and over again just for this one song. It's movement from a nice psychedelic mover into extreme darkness had me completely confused, i'd never heard anything like it. Surreal music, that was more like a play than a record. Every sound in it's whirling atmosphere felt like it was adding to the make up of this set i'd painted in my head. It sounds strange but until you hear it you may or may not know what i mean. But for me it's all about the first two minutes of pure pop hit. This is the song "I Put My Hands On Your Shoulders".

I'd recommend downloading the entire album although it is often tough to listen to, not so much in the way of it being intense but it being outrageous, in pretty much every aspect. Here is another of my favorites off of the same LP, not exactly as freakish as the last but more towards the '68 psychedelic end of things.

Steel Sings


And finally here is a track off of the third album i'm really into at the moment..


I'm only really touching the surface with these three tracks, so i'd seriously reccomend checking the band out properly. Their singles are fucking excellent and all albums are worth buying.

Check them Out live in '75

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Moebius Ist Ein Gott!


For 2 and a half years i have played a Moog Rogue. I don't think i can look at it in the same way anymore. Since my 18th birthday i've been listening routinely to Moebius-Plank-Neuimeier's Zero set, now, to me electronics sound different, a present that changed everything. I was always aware of the capacity synthesizers had, the range in sound and dimension you could achieve but never really appreciated the true fucking value of synthesis. Moebius gave me that ear and capability to manipulate a synthesizer into any fucking shape. Nothing is impossible now. Before the sound of a car was reachable, jet engines - piss, bass - tick, pretty sounding things - sorted, hmmmm where to now? i've mastered this machine i thought. Bollocks. I needed zero set, to kick me up the arse, i'd been blown away to the point of no return i needed to hear the rest to keep me from going insane so i picked up a copy of Beerbohm and Moebius' 'strange music' and Moebius' own 'Tonspuren' and they all seemed to get better and better, i have played the Moog differently ever since. A sound just isn't complete any more, there is always one more thing i can do to it, taking it to the extremes, until you've moved so far away from your original patch that, in essence was actually quite good to the point that it now sounds nothing like it ever was supposed to. Getting Picasso on it. The more fucking wild the better, take it to within an inch of breaking point, total all out fucking chaos. If i'm going to make a beautiful sound do i just play the notes? do i play it with this on and then this off with this on it with a significant helping of this? Sounds now take on quite familiar shapes, for example writing a line that sounds like it's made of glass, or maybe an underwater bass line, String stabs? a farting envelope generator perhaps?


Moebius' records are for the unsaved, the criminals who make synthesizers sound twee and shit or who don't take them to their total capabilities. There are infinite ways to play a synthesizer and the feeling you get when you listen to Moebius is that every sound he has created has been executed with great care, care in the sense of it's placement, conviction and heart when playing it - is it a sound that can lead you gently into a dream? or is it one that is projecting a hard concrete image? Either way he's nailed it. His bass sounds have so much definition and when a guitar is used it's a different instrument entirely thanks to Conny Plank of course but that's another tribute for another day. He layers a song that will never rapidly descent into madness or will never dramatically change from what he has begun with, it's all about what is already there and how sonically things, electronics in particular can sprout from their existing branches. You receive a new respect for repetition and how repetition can maintain to keep you interested if not glued to what you're listening to. Some people feel it's too intense, which is fair enough everyone has their limits, but fuck me play your machine with the desecration and clout it deserves to be played with. Enough jabberwocking - here are a selection of tracks i think represent what i've said best.. Enjoy!!

Zero Set

Moebius~Plank~Neumeier - Speed Display

Moebius~Plank~Neumeier - Load

Strange Music

Moebius And Beerbohm - Subito

Moebius And Beerbohm - YingYang

Absolutely ferocious sounds on this, such a kick back record. Download the whole album you won't be disappointed, the song with whatever it is trumpet or sax is so fucking boss, 883's the one, it sounds like at any point it's going to dive straight into Morriconne's Exorcist theme!


Moebius - B36

The reason i chose to write this post stemmed mainly from this song, there is such dramatic depth and so much consequence in every sound on this song, strangely enough it really reminds me of different trains by Steve Reich, in it's urgency and use of that roaring siren sound. It has a really bad vibe about it, it sounds evil, you get a real gut wrenching sense of foreboding (for want of a less trivial term). Fucking cool but with all of the above thrown in. It's certainly got a story behind it as it sounds so destructive and is so different in it's style from the rest of the album. It's almost a black cloud that looms over the album which compliments everything that comes before and after it perfectly.

Moebius - Transport

Moebius - Rattenweisel

Fuck this Lp is such a joy to listen to. If you're more into the Cluster side of things you'll dig this album down to the ground. Those were my favorite for the moment but i would definitely recommend buying or downloading the albums and listening to them as pieces because i'm sure they'd make a lot more sense and have a more complete sound. Fucking hell Moebius you god.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Back from Berlin

I've just got back home from one of the best weekends i've ever had. We flew out to Berlin saturday morning and got back monday morning. Danced all night Saturday at the club and peddalled around Berlin for hours on the Sunday, met some great people and saw the city in full. We also were asked to play Heaven by a friend of ours which turned out to be one of my favourite gigs we've ever played and here is a song that can try and show you how good this weekend actually was..

Not much is known about these guys other than they are comprised of the core members of Can - Schmidt, Karoli, Leibzeit and Czukay and this single was recorded for a strange political satire film called Agilok & Blubbo on vogue records, this is all second hand information but i think it's all pretty reliable. The boring shit aside there is something so endearing about this single, the other side is so obviously the origins of Can and the other for me is one of those songs. I find it hard to describe but when you hear something like this you feel completely isolated from the world, just sitting in my room bit of a gloomy day watching the camberwell traffic move two and throw, this record is every bit of happiness for me, it's insane, beautiful and so full of life, the transition between a beautiful young frau's hypnotic vocal and the 2 seconds of frantic sound make this song just that little bit better than everything ever (for now). My favourite music has that transition between chaos and beauty, something my old man and i always used to talk about, it's the tension and character given to a song when it isn't always rosie, you discover there are dark sides to this blooming meadow which has grown in front of your eyes, there is more than what meets the eye. Even though this song presents 2 seconds of what i would call chaos for perhaps need of a better word it only suggests not tells, it suggests the darker side which makes listening to it that much more interesting. Songs like Le Diable by Shusha and The Machine is Bored With Love have that same unbelievable transition and contrast, good and evil. How a chord change can suggest millions of different things. I don't know whether i want to go outside or sit inside and play this on repeat because this record gives you that feeling, the feeling to want to go out and discover everything you haven't yet, find people to share this music with personally, play it to everyone who's interested. This may all sound cheesy as stilton and you probably have no interest in how this record makes me feel but i think it's important i put this on this blog because it sums up for me like every post i put up times and experiences i have that i value and Berlin was abso-fucking-lutely one of them. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Intricate Blend

Intricate Blend - Insane


As sad as it may sound for the last couple of nights i've been cutting my computer music collection in half as shuffle manages 9 times out of 10 to play me some absolute wallop i've uploaded. I mean some of the songs that come up don't even have the right to be considered music let alone be put on a compilation. Although, something good has come out of it, have a listen to this record..

Friday, 2 April 2010

Jaanejaan dhundhta phir raha


From the film Jawani Diwani R.D Burman and Kishore Kumar play Jaanejaan dhundhta phir raha which is for me one of the most beautiful things I've heard in a very long time. I've had yet another of those moments, sitting back head in hands at what was blaring out of the speakers. To some, Bollywood soundtrack music strikes no chord and i think jars a lot of people but to others, it's one of the most exciting, passionate, creative forms of music that has ever existed. Whether you're into Bollywood sounds or not i would seriously recommend giving this record a chance. It has a charm that i haven't heard matched, sure there is some beautiful stuff some brilliant experimental funked out psychy stuff but for me, this record has everything i ever want on any record. Almost Billy Strange strings with the trademark rolling Burman beat, the vocals leave me breathless, the arrangement is fucking beautiful, it's a complete song, you forget bits exist until they come in again sounding better than you remembered them. When he returns to the original vocal line, it hits you so hard. Big wow. Perhaps this song doesn't do much for you but for me it is everything i've ever wanted.. Enjoy...

And here is the brilliant video, couldn't publish this post without having the video!By the way i WILL be ripping off that delayed flute.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Neil Krug And Joni Harbeck's PULP


I originally stumbled across these images whilst i was looking for a picture for the post beneath this one for Tamikrest. I wanted a completely unrelated photo to the band that sort of reflected how i heard them in an image. So as i was a bit drained and feeling lazy i wrote (of all things) 'Desert Psychedelia' into google images and this is what turned up. Absolutely stunning! Like stills from a Jadorowsky film or something. Shot with old polaroid film the photographers Neil Krug And Joni Harbeck are releasing a high end coffee table art book entitled 'PULP art book and prints'.

These images are so beautiful, if the prints weren't so expensive i'd buy the ones i've posted. To accompany these images i've decided to have some serious far out psychedelia from Pure Jade Green, a record i'm about to have pressed up onto acetate. Have a listen and see if you can see my logic for choosing it. Fucking incredible record! Ride on, into the sun.









I'm getting them all!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Psychedelic Sounds Of Mali


Tamikrest, from Northern Mali are being dubbed as ‘the spiritual sons of Tinariwen’. They are maybe a bit inspired by Tinariwen but in my opinion, shit all over them. I do usually hate it when bands with so much behind them are explained and twinned with other bands through marriages and one night stands or bands romping together creating bastard sons. I suppose it is a good way of describing someones music because of it's simple 'to the point' and easy to grasp style but i don't think it gives the band you're describing any where near enough credit, especially when they write songs like this.

The first and only Tamikrest track i've heard 'Adagh' brings to light colors, shapes and feelings you rarely see or experience on most modern records. The entire sound of the record is so rich and layered that it's like the music (i imagine) you'd hear in your dreams after swallowing your last drop of Iowaska. But shit, these guys are 18 and 19 years old! This is what the desert must do to you. Far out psychedelic sorcery of the purest kind, their backwards guitar drones and vocals have a real mysticism. It is the sound i've been chasing since i was given Damon's Song of A gypsy LP when i was 15 for my birthday. It has this Spiritual, loner, dark, hypnotic, almost occult tripped out psychedelic sound. But like most music i love, i haven't the foggiest on whether it's even close to any of the above because i have no idea what Tamikrest are actually saying, which always reminds me of a brilliant bit in the 'Shawshank Redemption' when he says:

"i had no idea to this day what those two italian ladies were singing about, truth is, i don't want to know, some things are better left unsaid. I like to think they were singing about something so beautiful it can't be expressed in words and makes your heart ache because of it".

it's exactly how i feel about listening to Serge, Morricone with Vocals, Francoise and thousands of other weird and wonderful foreign records that give you that feeling. 'Adagh' has that i think.

And one final thing before i actually let you listen to the record. Toureg musicians are the coolest looking mother fuckers on the entire face of the earth!

S.C.U.M Signals: PARIS

Our third offering unto you of our latest Signal. Paris for me was a really strange one, we walked for hours looking for a late night drinking den in Montmarte the night before and had absolutely no luck whatsoever. We woke up a bit knackered and we went on the hunt for flea markets and antique shops, we managed to find a brilliant place around the corner which in the door sat a propellar for a heinkel and a bit deeper in there was a whole box and shelf full of brilliant victorian theatre costumes. By the time Tom and I got back to the studio Huw had written this piano line. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

La Route De Salina

Christophe - La Route De Salina OST

Speechless, just bought the 45 of this. So beautiful. No words to describe, so powerful. THE DRUMS AT THE END WITH THE VOCAL AND THE DISCORDANT HARMONICA/SAXO SOUNDING THING!!!!!!!! FUCCCCKKKKKKKINNNGGGG HELLLLL. I can't believe it. What a record.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

A Minute To Pray A Second To Die

I was in rough trade yesterday and the kid behind the counter stuck this on. Flesh Eaters are one of those bands i always always see written places, so familiar with the name but never heard any of it. I was so happy to hear it because i was in rough trade looking for something like this. I'd of never of known to pick it out and would of had to of lived without it. Sooo, I asked him what it was as soon as it came on. Here is some info on them, see what you think..

If you're into this then here is the download link via the Mfdownloads website:

Thursday, 18 March 2010

International Psych Mix #1

For the first in the series we have Swedens own Jens Lundstrom. An international psych and freakish new wave mix just for you...


01 ALAN DELL blue sound of love (France)
02 WAITESSES clones (Usa)
03 MOTHER SUNDAY midnight graveyard (Switzerland)
04 HOLGER MUNZER sing little bird (Germany)
05 THE OUTCASTS winds escape (Usa)
06 CHAQUITO the good the bad and the ugly (Uk)
07 JASON CREST black mass (Uk)
08 LOS SEARFINS lucy go home (Uruguay)
09 INFLATABLE BOY CLAMS skeletons (Usa)
10 MEMBERS BLUES BAND p s elic (Sweden)
11 BJÖRN FAMNE vampire (Sweden)
12 EDDY LOUISS baby chorus (France)
13 LOAD CONTROL words of wisdom (Belgium)
14 JIMMY AND THE MUSTANGS ruins of time (Usa)
15 PORTER WAGONER the rubber room (Usa)

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Bag Of Spiders

Slumber Party


Slumber Party are a brilliant band, Played to me by a friend years ago, i always forget about Slumber Party, then they crop up somewhere and i realise how fucking good they are. I'm in that mood today so i'm going to rough trade to pre order a few singles and see if i can find anything worth buying. Here are three tracks from Psychedelicate.

Bag Of Spiders

Never Again

I'm Not Sad

This whole album is amazing, here is a download link via the take the pills blogspot

Sunday, 14 March 2010

My New House #3


Here i am at my third place of residence. Here it is, forever at the right temperature and always in this beautiful summer night light. Anywhere but a flat in camberwell at the moment.

Basically, it's not worth describing this place without music to accompany it. Who else could provide the soundtrack other than Ennio Morricone. My favourite record of all time, technically not a record but a c.d my mum had when i was little. Ennio Morricone singles collection. If i could i'd invite you all round to this marvellous place and listen to this in it's entirety i really would, just so i could see your reactions as you heard this music. This c.d is the soundtrack to my life, in every situation.

Sunshine in france in a little caravan in the middle of nowhere my mum playing this so loud out of the double doors, lying down in ruskin park, headphones on watching the ducks and the over enthusiastic tennis players, falling asleep with your girlfriend after a long night forgetting you have GCSE's the next day or listening to this music with your old man at christmas. But now, overlooking what i imagine to be an american town in somehwere like colorado, martini in hand, dapper as steve mc queen in the thomas crown affair beautiful woman by my side this on in the background. (get real).


I will not stop until i have every single one of these incredible tracks on record. These songs will follow me forever and hopefully if you don't already know and love these records they will you to. Like most of the best records on the planet they create the feeling of extreme happiness and following close behind, the inevitable feeling of intense sadness with a change of key or beat of the drum. I hope this post doesn't come across as soppy but more as an introduction to music that has no definate place, music that lives above everything although soundtracks to films and written around an idea they unlike a lot of the films prevail and are pieces of the most gut wrenching, heart pounding beautiful music that has ever existed and stands alone, able to create thousands of different atmospheres and scenarios in your head that even the original scenes the songs are featured in are just one of the many things this music could be set to. I once saw on the sky arts channel, morricone playing i think one of these songs in Venice, it was pretty tacky the videos that accompanied them but one of the women he had come on stage and sing with him was unforgettable. Dressed in what i remember, a red gown with the biggest fucking sleeves you've ever seen, arms outstretched belting out the most beautiful chanting chorus, i was pretty absorbed until my grandad said " how the fuck does she wipe her arse in that".

La Moglie Piu' Bella

L'Assoluto Naturale

Sambravi Desiderare


Plume Di Cristallo

Violenza In Attesa

Come Un Miracolo

Lei Se Ne Muore

Come Guiletta & Romeo

Let me know what you think...

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Le Stelle Di Mario Schifano


Hello everyone. This week i have for you a record that will turn you inside out. A record a fellow freak unleashed on me and my old man recently.

Le Stelle di Mario Schifano's Dedicato a.. a record with a story that your everyday oddball psych lp doesn't. This record depending on how fucked up you like your sounds will have no mercy on you and your flower friends. The first side is out and out screaming, shouting, fire breathing psychedelia. Almost like This Heats peel sessions in the beginning few minutes and in others what i imagine would have happened had The Dirty Filthy Mud's 45 'Forest Of Black' been unedited and left to fry for another grueling 15 minutes. YES, THIS IS EVIL MUSIC! Avant Garde acid fuckery! Deep down in some Turin basement this arrogant fuzz freak artist was conducting this shit! MONSTER! Keep with this song no matter how strange the beginning is, i wasn't joking when i said this was fire breathing. Put it on and do what it says in the title, let it become a soundtrack for your thoughts, don't concentrate on it like you would a normal song, let it creep in and out of your conciousness, read a book or do as the title says..

Le Ultime Parole di Brandimante, dall'Orlando Furioso, Ospite Peter Hatman e Fine (da Ascoltarsi con TV accesa, Senza Volume)
And that translates to “The Last Words of Brandimarte, as taken from Orlando Furioso, with guest Peter Hartman; which should be listened to with the TV On, but the Sound Off”. Genius!

In my opinion the other side has nothing on the first in it's tyrannic style but in it's own right it has a really cool sound, sort of like a lost tropicalia lp in places, maybe a tad conventional but these are the two i really like on the second side.

Molto Alto



See the tropicalia reference? The rest of the lp is pretty good too if you liked that.

Check out stelle di mario schifano on Julian Copes Head heritage, the guy has everything, you think you've found something and he's already on it! Brilliant blog. The story behind Schifano is excellent. Anyone that fucks over Jagger is a star in my books!

Heads up to Paul Drummond for this one!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

My New House #2


This week i've moved here, in fact i've bought several properties by the same architect (artist).

“Charles Harper painted homes designed by Rudy Hermes as photomontage backdrops to introduce the 1960 Fords in November 1959's Ford Times magazine... ‘the ultimate in prefabrication since it has no footings or foundation.’”—Dwell.


I decided to have the one and only cosmic spaceman Bruno Leys head up this post. His eerie sounds and funked up rhythms illustrate more or less my new houses in my head, it's the only place to be when listening to these songs. Only problem was I didn't know whether to dedicate a blog post to Bruno Leys or to Rudy Hermes, i think they both pretty much compliment each other perfectly!

Maintenant Je Suis En Voyou


And a download for one of the best canadian psych numbers

Friday, 5 March 2010

Track Of The Week #5

Bikini Kill - New Radio

By far one of the coolest fucking songs ever written.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Into My Mind

Death Valley Sleepers


A discovery past over by a friend that came as a bit of a suprise. I could try and describe it but i think it'd be a bit pointless, not sure about one or two of the songs on the myspace but i'd seriously reccomend checking this guy out. Not the most original sound but Into My Mind ticks all the right boxes, brilliant vocals and a great song to tempt the sun to come out and shine.

Into My Mind - Free Download

His Myspace

Cheers Yvonne

Saturday, 27 February 2010

My New House #1

I've decided to do a weekly post based on some brilliant architectural pictures i've found on the net called 'My New House'. I try and couple it with music i think suits it best.
-Chambre Des Enfants

Today i chose a track by Francis Dhomont called Chambre Des Enfants to accompany this strange structure. This music is absolutely stunning, mindblowing. It's the music of dreams, familiar day to day sounds that ride on waves of what i can only describe as an electronic current, softly accompanied by the most beautiful piano. It's like when you've had a busy day and your trying desperately to fall asleep in bed, turning the pillow over and over, counting sheep even though you know it doesn't work, thoughts come and go of the days events in a strange haze and blur, a flurry of sound, thoughts, ideas and memories crowd your already over worked brain which is now emitting a strange sweeping curtain of noise and a continual static pulse. You try haarrrd to sleep but your head is propelling this energy in the most obnoxious garish way. Until, you finally submit to sleep and the piano carries you gently onto the next track on the playlist which is usually seriously noisy and annoying so the dreams all over, awake again. Shit.


I love the complete deconstruction of music and construction of sound in this other track, 'Implosion'. i'm finding it so fascinating at the moment. Musique Concrete for me was never something i took much interest in or could relate to but the stuff i've heard from Dohmont and some of the french composers i've tracked down recently have left me speechless.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Suck It And See

Music at the moment has so many oppurtunities and so many interesting minds, why is everyone so fucking cynical towards each other? Grow up and enjoy making music, ditch the shit attitude, it's boring. Live your own life, Play hard and prove your worth instead of talking so much. Suck it and see...


A guitar line that sounds like a chorus of cats dying! Phasing that tears the record almost in half! Pounding bass and drums 1.39 of the most furious, charged, fuck off garage punk with a vocalist that warns


ha! can't beat that.

A Thousand Wonders

It's grey outside and dull inside i think it's time i got on the good foot.

Cajun Hart - Got To Find A Way

The lyrics in the song and the backing make me literally weak at the knees. Screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs with the single on full blast until my neighbours bang on the ceiling and the walls. Some seriously powerful stuff, might not appeal to most of you because you're either not listening to it loud enough or you have two left feet, but the band behind Mr Hart are giving it fucking everything and you can feel every punch of the brass and strings with the lyrics and racing drums through your bones and body, so i wonder where the wind blows. Fucking hell! you cannot beat music like this. I dig it out once every few months just for that added effect.

Danelle Darris - Don't Love Me And Leave Me

This was played to me by a friend when i was first getting into Northern Soul. Dannelle Darris is my future wife, with a voice like that i would do anything. like seriously anything.

Rita And Tiaras - Gone With Wind Is My Love


One of my absolute favourites, an amazing record. Prices on this one go out the roof, which i'm not suprised about. It's just got that driving beat and perfect female vocal which i won't rest until i have it in my hands. Ouch

T S U Toronadoes - A Thousand Wonders

A slightly more groovy version than i'm used to but nonetheless one of the sweetest coolest records from the scene that i've heard. I heard it first on one of the After Hours comps which are just fucking brilliant, seriously worth picking up on c.d if you see it.

Every single one of the songs above has opitimised feelings i've had for previous girlfriends and in my eyes will sum up many more ahead. The flirtations - nothing but a heartache for example is a record that sees you at your happiest with someone and a few months later your saddest without them. It's a classic and it's never been beaten, if you've heard it to much i feel sorry for you.

I'm fucking knackered after that and have just blown my speakers and thank you jack for reminding me how good these sounds were!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

For No One


I'm not usually the one to fly the beatles over flown flag or ever thought they'd ever find their way on to this blog but i kind of have to for this song. The album is almost faultless and this song in particular can't reeeally be beaten eventhough the second side is a bit loose except for the two below. Today should be an interesting day.

now Beatles never darken my doorstep again

Moderately sexier than the other take

Monday, 22 February 2010

Modulate with ME #1

Erika Thrasher

Bands with girl synthesizer players are the fucking nuts. Girls that can Modulate like this are deitys. Erika Thrasher, i think is her name, and she plays in the texan band Indian Jewelry, she fucking rocks. She plays synthesizer, guitar and vox. Indian Jewelry were played to me by a friend recently whilst we were driving through hastings in almost complete darkness. Fucking hell it was good. Their album Invasive Exotics is insanity. Good speeding round country roads music, drunk melodies, storm trooper vocals, beautiful noise, throbbing synthesizers the fucking lot! This band are underrated, filthy and have been around too long for you to not know who they are.

Here is the link Via the marvellous I.d Reverberations Blogspot.

Assembly Line Club


The Assembly Line Club is mine and a friends new venture into giving you a new club that'll make it's way through London, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Warsaw, New York, Kiev, Antwerp, Texas, and Paris. The idea is it's an exploration through Electronic music from the late 1950's to Today. Francis Bacon wrote this in 1624 in his novel The New Atlantis and sums it up perfectly..



Projections at the club will be as dominant as the music policy. Psychedelic Pornography, Psychotic animations, Oil Projections (of course), Italian Horror Film, Solar Flares Burn For You, Beyond Image. Entertaining the senses. And Here, what you can expect to hear..

Clozier and Lejeune - Petite Suite

I found a copy of this a while ago and refused to spend £150 on it, since then i've pissed around with copies on ebay and always just missed them, but fuck me get your head around this record. These are some serious sounds floating around on this. The track 'Danse' had me in tears the first time i heard it. It was meant to be my track of the week a few weeks ago but i couldn't locate an mp3 of it, so you'll have to make do with this. This is a slice of out and out Psychedelic freakery that i can't stop listening to at the moment.

Flying Lotus - GNG BNG


Now someone i rate quite highly is this guy flying lotus, this track is from his album Los Angeles which came out in 2008, i remember hearing this in Phonica in soho and being bowled over. Quite a salute to the late Add N To X this one but still fucking good.

We are in the process of tracking down a venue for the club and tracking down new bands routed in Electronic music. Here is the link for the myspace where there is more music and details and where you can get in touch with either myself or Jack --