Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Walking to Wigan

Jaibi - What Good Am I

I apologise for the ridiculous amount of writing i've done recently so i'll keep this one pretty bog standard. Right here is a straight up down town hot cake of a record. Perfect in every way. The guys who fix windows turned up yesterday now i can have my window open and play everyone my music! Perfect track to start with. Southend boxing day favorite!


  1. All of your posts are lovely, dare to say AMAZING ;D Don't limit yourself thinking they're boring...After all this is Seven's hypnotic underworld isn't it? x

    PS: What a tune! Now you've inspired me to play Red Mecca out loud to my neighbors here in Streatham :B

  2. Haha, good work! Indeed you're right. Thanks a million! 7 x