Saturday, 25 July 2009

Heart Full Of Soul

Last night i was playing records for a friends birthday and was asked to run a soul night in Brixton, in a pub that's being taken over by the same group of people who run the Amersham arms in New Cross and the lock in Camden. I hadn't gone through any of my soul records for a long time, not since my dad and I did a night called 'Die Nacht Network' which should of really been a stomping electronic night but ended up a father and sons rock n soul catch up!


...But i have been thinking recently about soul clubs and how in England through what i know from going to soul clubs around London and seeing events posted on Facebook from around Britain, the audiences seem to be predominantly white. Which i don't think is weird at all but i do wonder if the black youth of England feel the same affinity with black American soul music of the sixties like the Motown sound in the same way. I understand the way in which rhythm and blues and soul music has evolved and the culture of mainstream black music has changed so people are engrossed in it's modern manifestation understandably but i just wonder whether they feel the same. But I recently came across this band on some recent live coverage of Glastonbury and was awestruck.. This is the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

I've heard they've been around for a while but it was the first i'd heard of them and think they are fucking brilliant.
At my school towards the end of my final year in uniform, a young black gospel choir performed a few songs with a brilliant soulful swing and it sent shivers down my spine. A friend of mine introduced me to the idea of working with gospel choirs in Southwark and i had the idea of introducing them to a few songs and request they try a rendition of something like a Sam and Dave belter and book them to perform at the night. Because essentially Sam and Dave's music was so passionate and electrifying because of their connection with our lord and savior that if a young gospel group followed in similar footsteps, in a generation with a keen eye on the past we'd have the best group in town. I'm not suggesting that music needs this, i just feel it would be an exciting way of making use of real talent. And also a soul night with a doo wop/soul/gospel quintet heading the night instead of back to back soul spinners (which is in no way a bad thing) would be really entertaining and a brilliant change (if done well of course).

One woman who should drop the baggage is Noisettes lead singer 'Shingai Shoniwa.' This should of been released, hands down the best pop song that never was...

full of soul and catchy as hell, she looks so fucking cool in the video it's unreal. The first time i heard that was on Jools Holland, it was such a great surprise, it became my favorite new track overnight.


Moving on, when me and a friend of mine in secondary school discovered soul music, it was a revelation, Howard Tate was his thing and Gil Scott Heron mine. On one of our many trips to Intoxica i bought a new copy of Gil Scott Heron - Small talk at 125th and Lennox and listened to it religiously and fell in love with this track in particular just because of the lyrical content and the way he uses his voice and the piano just makes for one of the most soulful, heart felt, heartbreaking records...

The first time i played this record to my friend it was a sunny day and we'd avoided school to listen to it which i reluctantly did (my mum's reading). As i played it to him i noticed a book on his table which he'd been reading, a paperback book beautifully scarred through it being read in class under the 'Schwarz, Rot, Gold text book' and beaten about in rumbles during P.E. It was called the Vulture and it was by Gil Scott Heron! (It has one of the best book covers ever! I can't find a single picture of it on the internet but i will try and upload it in the near future). What a revelation! The way the record sounded with it's raw nightclub recording, the way the tracks roll off of the last and the knife the words are delivered with is sharper than any. A new black poet indeed! but to discover he released a book of poetry and a novel fucking hell, i could take the week off. I don't have the mp3's of this, so i won't be able to share it with you but the record is definitely worth having.

If you've got the album, or just listened to a few of the tracks and feel like you need some revolution or something to rally against in your own bedroom then i would suggest you bought 'Punishment Park', it's been properly released on dvd now and you can get it at the Bfi on the south bank or you could just watch it like i did on youtube. It really makes your blood boil and it is one of my favourite films. A couple of quotes for you to give you an idea...

"Charles Robbins: Would you like for me to define what a politician is? A politician is nothing but a debater. All that you do is debate issues, you fat pig, you meathead. That's all that you are, because you are lying, sucker, you're lying to the camera, you're lying to your mama, you're lying to everybody, but every time I hear you open up your mouth, all I hear is oink, you pig. That's all I hear, oink. 'Cause you ain't got no humanity in you, 'cause you're a pig, you lying punk."

"Desert Pacifist: At another time, the honorable thing or the right thing to do might be to be a policeman or to be President. Right now, I think the honorable thing to do is to be a criminal."

Really fascinating way of film making too, read up on it on wikipedia it genuinely will provoke a strong reaction.


The Larks

Just imagine if this is what became of my idea!!


Some Top Soul Spins!

Elbie Parker!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

£3.50 A Tape!

If you get in touch with me at and send me your addresses i'll send you a tape for £3.50! i'll be looking forward to hearing from you!

((( I originally was going to sell these for a quid but then realized how much cassettes are )))

An Englishman In New York

It's the sequel to the naked civil servant (1975), a biopic about the infamous Quentin Crisp (check earlier posts) which looks really interesting. John Hurt plays the lead and looks fucking great. Get in touch we'll all go together, popcorn's on you!


Cover versions. Everything from churned out or exciting reworked blues classics to Japanese Eleki bands and straight up pop covers - the cover version is fascinating!

Here are a few to wet your appetite

Firstly, i'd bunked off of school because of unfinished English coursework one Friday morning and decided to hit the record fair with the little money i had managed to save up. I was sure the best way i could procrastinate over an essay on Henry V, a play i hadn't even began reading yet was to trawl through boxes of records, boxes and boxes of sweet time killing essay forgetting records which can often be a big mistake when you have a bank account which is gathering dust, rapidly. My old man's birthday was drawing closer and i had got him nothing. In the first box of singles i went through sure enough! this monster of a record unearthed itself. Old man 7 had his 43rd birthday present sorted..

Dave Phillips and His Hot Rod Gang - Tainted Love

Have a little look at the myspace



I Found this cover while looking through youtube for clips of Ride and what a surprise it was, what a track! It really reminded me of the Spacemen 3 and Sound's nothing like the original but still it makes me feel the same way.. Off of the Heaven And Hell record

Ride - European Son



Here is a track played to me by Tom of S.C.U.M in one of our many trips up and down the country. When i tried to find it on the internet, i stumbled across the original as well. I don't think any of us realized it was a cover but here are both versions both as well delivered with an uneasy calm for what he's actually saying.

Here is the Eddie Noack Version

And The Beasts Of Bourbon Version

I can't tell who i would believe would sing this and mean it more...


Some Velvet Morning

I think Lee Hazlewood is generally untouchable and this song in particular pretty unbeatable in the cosmos of music but i think to make the Primals and Moss cover obsolete i feel the Slowdive version is certainly up for the job. The woman's vocal on this makes me feel a little uneasy and has a real ghostly feel to it but i think it genuinely has captured something that Lee originally wanted people to get from this song mostly through the instrumental backing.



And now, when in Southend recently a friend of mine showed me this track which i think is as good as the original. The fuzz on the guitar is bone shaking and i don't happen to speak a word of Turkish but prefer singing along to this version.. Enjoy..


Staying focused on Shocking Blue, Nirvana's cover of love buzz!

Shocking Blue



The Sun Always Shines On TV

Nadja, the band who describe themselves as Ambient Doom released 'The Sun Always Shines On TV' a whole covers album. I would seriously reccommend you listen if you like that heavier sound. There cover of MBV's Only Shallow isn't great but the cover of Slayers 'Dead Skin Mask' and Elliot Smiths 'Needle In The Hay' are both beautifully drawn out trudging monsters. The solitary vocals that sit with the noise just leave you floating in atmosphere some how unable to get up and change the record. They'll be playing Corsica on the 2nd so i imagine it will be a good one. I have no download link for this unfortunately so i'm going to have to leave you to find this one..

(( They cover Aha, Slayer Swans, My Bloody Valentine, Elliot Smith, The Cure, Kids in The Hall and Codeine )) Horrific Record Sleeve though..



To rap up this post Big Black with the model, 1,2 fuck you!

Check these out too

Diamanda Galas - I Put A Spell on You (only person who can yelp as well as Jay Hawkins)
Scott Walker - Scott sings Brel (Great Record but i'm not so familiar with originals)
Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra (Recent-ish c.d release of the mans own work and some interesting remixes)
R Stevie Moore Does The Beatles (I'm only sleeping in particular sounds really fucked up)
Nico - Heroes (Not such a great version but a great video

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A Long Overdue Post!

It's been long overdue i do apologize for letting this slip a bit. Two months since the last post. I've been doing the Topman Ctrl blog which has been alright. Had an interview which lasted the best of four hours and they've updated the site on things i've said, so not my blog technically. Enough about that, i have some exciting finds to report!


Firstly, the Washington 4 piece 'Reeks And The Wrecks'. Sleazy, trashy, dreamy, otherworldly, everything about their intriguing 2005 LP entitled 'Knife Hits' mechanically strides along with menace and raw power. I've been listening to the album solidly this morning and find myself gobsmacked at every corner. It's a noisy masterpiece, filled with thumping bass lines and whirling electronics with an old trombone wheezing heavily behind. My favorite track on the album has to be 'Stoners On Fire' it sticks out as it is a track purely based on electronics, drum machines and a spooky backwards vocal. Pure filth and a really fun record to listen to.

Here is a link to there myspace, they sum themselves up really well i think

And here is a download link


I've recently been trying to do podcasts on Garage band but fucking hate the sound of my own voice so i've given up and just started making mixes which somehow always end up with me putting tracks through stupid voice changing effects which is really funny but seriously a shit way to play people music you're really passionate about for the first time, therefore i've decided to stick to this and give you the albums straight.


Now, a compilation which is great fun. Holy Fuzz off the Hidden Visions record label released in 1998. I originally bought it for one thing and that was The Search Party track the news is you, which is brilliant - beautiful folky womens vocal over thundering heavy psych guitars! Amazing on big speakers the swelling guitars and the beautiful vocal swimming in and out is just acid drenched and is the height of celestial beauty on this album. I tried to buy the search party album directly but check out the price of it,

Ouch indeed, a few of the tracks on this comp are just normal bog standard American psych numbers, but to make up for them being a little less electrifying than the others, you just have to listen to some of the lyrics and imagine the circumstances under which these songs were written, Christian hard rock societies - i imagine there are some fantastic stories. I am at this moment in time waiting for my copy of this to arrive, their is a booklet written by the Hidden Visions Label in it so when i get it i'll report back on some of the amazing stories and descriptions i'm hoping the booklet beholds. The guitar work on this will melt your face and the groove on some of the tracks is pretty hot. Let me know what you think of it, i personally really enjoyed listening to it and am quite looking forward to delving into this 'Jesus Music Era' stuff. Ha! ( I really do apologise about the amount of files, i could only work out how to do single files not whole album files, nevertheless download it all )

The Exkursions - It's Been Sent Down
Selha - Romans
The Bridge - Jesus
The Search Party - The News Is You
Pre-Agape - In The Light
Stonewood Cross - Majic Man
All Saved Freak Band - All Across The Nation
The Search Party - You And I
The Exkursions - Dry Ground
The Concrete Rubber Band - Christian
Pressed Down, Shaken Together And Running Over - Pressed Down, Shaken Together And Running Over.
Agape - Rejoice



Oh! Also, this record was on ebay recently and it is absolutely fantastic! It was really massive in Quebec in 1972 i think. It's by the captivating Madeleine Chartand, this track is called 'Ani Kuni.' I'm completely addicted, the electric sitar in the middle everything about it. Let me know what you think, i can't stop listening..



This is what i always imagined the yeti album by amon dull 2 performed to look like. This women is incredible. One of the coolest beginnings to a live show! It get's a bit much after a while but still brilliant viewing!