Monday, 25 May 2009

Some New Sounds

I wanted to mention a while back a few bands going at the moment who are well worth a listen, bands who have been around for a while who have recently released something or i have seen who i think might be worth getting into.

S.C.U.M played a show in Glasgow as part of the recent signals tour and we were treated to dinner in the upstairs of the venue which was a rare surprise. Over the pub noise and ramble i could hear this brilliant melody. I went up to see who it was and was given a c.d, it was by a band called Tame Impala. I went and sat in the tour van and listened to every minute of it over and over until we had to go on stage. The track that grabbed my attention was called Skeleton Tiger. Modern psychedelic rock at it's best. This band make a perfect summer sound that can't be matched for the moment, it's got it's roots in the sounds of the sixties but sounds completely modern and exciting. This band deserve massive fame and the E.P should of got to more people. There playing some exciting shows across the planet even the japanese summer sonic festival so hopefully there in for big things.


Check them out here

...Since the early 2000's 'Dubstep' has been one of the most exciting developments in electronic music. I remember at school a friend of mine was heavily into it and played me a lot of stuff that he was unearthing from record shops around London. I got into it when i heard skream in rough trade and I mean what really turned me onto the sound was how dark and heavily electronic a lot of the stuff my friend played me was. I've never heard burial and never really been mad into the stuff that crops up at parties from time to time but one lot of musicians released this track onto the net a good while ago, not sure if it actually got official release but it is one of the hardest darkest and most interesting sounds i've heard crop up. Koan Sound ...

...A few weeks back i was invited to see two guys play a gig in Stockwell. There names Aaron Dilloway and Nate young. I hadn't heard much about them and didn't really know what to expect. I looked them up with the time i had and couldn't find much on them.
When we got there we were just in time for Nate youngs set. Annoyingly short and not much to the performance but still a good build up for what was to come. I tried to film the show with my shitty dutch film camera which ran out of memory in 3 minutes so i'm gonna have to show you the footage of Aaron Dilloway playing in Detroit. You don't need me to tell you that this is some psychotic intense shit and needs to be seen. Whether you can hack it or whether you like it is a different thing. I love it and bought the casette. Enjoy noise junkies! He's making most of the noise through a contact mic he stuck in his mouth. I met him after the show, lovely man.

...On my way back from Rosies flat in Surbiton i was reading the London Lite music reviews and there were a band mentioned who were given quite a glowing review, Papercuts they were called. I bought the album without hearing it hoping for a spontaneous discovery and indeed it was. I played it round at a friends house after a few drinks and it was a really nice album. Some of it is a bit boring but there are some really great tracks.


Track List
1. Once We Walked In The Sunlight 5:09
2. Dictator's Lament 3:01
3. The Machine Will Tell Us So 5:45
4. A Peculiar Hallelujah 3:03
5. Jet Plane 5:00
6. Dead Love 4:17
7. Future Primative 4:25
8. You Can Have What You Want 2:51
9. The Void 4:49
10. The Wolf 2:55

...A friend of mine Chris Rotter made me a great C.d the other day, full of sonic surprises one of my favorites being this lot. Thee Oh Sees from San Francisco, i think they've been around for a while judging by the amount of stuff they have available to buy. He didn't give me a track listing so i don't know the name of the song he gave me but everything i've heard by them i really like.


Here's a link to there myspace see what you think

Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Wonderful World Of Quentin Crisp

Brilliant film and great inside into the life of Quentin Crisp. I was recommended this film by a friend to watch on one of the shitty days we've been having in between the intense summer flashes. A really great character with a lot to say.. Enjoy

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Last of My Money was Heavier Than a Death In The Family

Recently on a binge to Rough Trade i picked up a copy of Julian Copes Jap Rock Sampler. I had walked in with the intention of buying a few LPs by the Tokyo band 'Ghost' after hearing them at a friends night conveniently called "Heavier Than A Death In The Family" at the Amersham arms in New Cross. So after finding out Rough Trade had a shit Japanese section i had to curb my enthusiasm and pre order some stuff which by the time they get in, i'll probably be into sludge metal (fingers crossed). The books front cover is of The Flower Travelling Band's Debut LP - Anywhere. Butt naked japanese long haired bikers on the road going 'anywhere!'... I am currently half way through the book and have got to say i am inspired and now fascinated by japanese culture. The characters mentioned make for an exciting read, Dr. Acid 7 and Moriaki Wakabayashi are firm favourites. Finding the records or even the recordings mentioned in the book is proving hard though. Here is the blurb..


"A cult deconstruction of Japanese rock music, and reveals what really happened when east met west after world war two. It explores the clash between traditional, conservative japanese values and the wild rock 'n' roll renegades of the 1960's and 70's, and tells of the seminal artists in Japanese post war culture, from itinerant art house poets to violent refusenik rock groups with a penchant for Plane Hijacking!"


Since looking into some of the bands mentioned i'd personally reccomend
Les Rallizes Denudes - Heavier Than A Death In The Family

Track Listings

Strung Out Deeper Than The Night
The Night Collectors
Night Of The Assassins
Enter The Mirror
People Can Choose
Ice Fire


Quite the opposite to the above are a modern Japanese band i thought might be worth mentioning i heard they were playing the great escape unfortunately i missed them but i think the singles pretty good you can hear them on there myspace

And finally my favourite of all! ENJOY!

And a more recent discovery shown to me by a few friends, who were playing in the newly reformed London & Brighton in Peckham last night are london based Psychedelic / Experimental / Rock band Bo Ningen. I'm not too sure about the stuff they have on there myspace but the youtube videos look really exciting and there press picture is fucking great Photobucket