Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Back from Berlin

I've just got back home from one of the best weekends i've ever had. We flew out to Berlin saturday morning and got back monday morning. Danced all night Saturday at the club and peddalled around Berlin for hours on the Sunday, met some great people and saw the city in full. We also were asked to play Heaven by a friend of ours which turned out to be one of my favourite gigs we've ever played and here is a song that can try and show you how good this weekend actually was..

Not much is known about these guys other than they are comprised of the core members of Can - Schmidt, Karoli, Leibzeit and Czukay and this single was recorded for a strange political satire film called Agilok & Blubbo on vogue records, this is all second hand information but i think it's all pretty reliable. The boring shit aside there is something so endearing about this single, the other side is so obviously the origins of Can and the other for me is one of those songs. I find it hard to describe but when you hear something like this you feel completely isolated from the world, just sitting in my room bit of a gloomy day watching the camberwell traffic move two and throw, this record is every bit of happiness for me, it's insane, beautiful and so full of life, the transition between a beautiful young frau's hypnotic vocal and the 2 seconds of frantic sound make this song just that little bit better than everything ever (for now). My favourite music has that transition between chaos and beauty, something my old man and i always used to talk about, it's the tension and character given to a song when it isn't always rosie, you discover there are dark sides to this blooming meadow which has grown in front of your eyes, there is more than what meets the eye. Even though this song presents 2 seconds of what i would call chaos for perhaps need of a better word it only suggests not tells, it suggests the darker side which makes listening to it that much more interesting. Songs like Le Diable by Shusha and The Machine is Bored With Love have that same unbelievable transition and contrast, good and evil. How a chord change can suggest millions of different things. I don't know whether i want to go outside or sit inside and play this on repeat because this record gives you that feeling, the feeling to want to go out and discover everything you haven't yet, find people to share this music with personally, play it to everyone who's interested. This may all sound cheesy as stilton and you probably have no interest in how this record makes me feel but i think it's important i put this on this blog because it sums up for me like every post i put up times and experiences i have that i value and Berlin was abso-fucking-lutely one of them. Enjoy!

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