Friday, 21 May 2010

School's finally finished


I've finally left school. I'm never going back, all my friends left today. Everyone i grew up with is going there seperate ways, i'll probably never see half of them again, they'll never be in the groups i remember them to be in, everyone has grown up since i last saw them. I must say it was one of my favorite days of all time. I feel really weird at the moment, that was the last thing in London that stayed the same, those people being there.. People going to prison, university, people changing is something i'm finding hard to get. Going to miss them all i think.

(except the cunts that stole my rollups).

The Tops - I found you

This song is all i could play when i got home, it has in no way got any relevance to school or anyone in it but it has this strange sort of connection. The stride of the song is like a feeling of moving forward, "and then i found you". It feels like your embarking on a journey when he sings those lines. This song wherever it's played you can't help but feel happy. It has a quality to it that creates instant nostalgia, quite hard to explain but this song represents for me really good times. It might not for you but i can't think of anything better to accompany this post.

When I was played this for the first time at a friends house, i can remember being speechless throughout the whole song. This song really needs no introduction, for me it's the song that stands aside from everything else. The end of it has probably my favorite part in any song ever, the female vocals cut me into pieces. This song is also a dedication to everyone on Amhurst road past and present.

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