Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Raping Rat Records part 1

Anytime i have change in my pocket and i'm in Camberwell, Rat Records is where i'll always end up. When i first started buying punk, before i knew about minus zeroes and Intoxica in Nothing hill i used to go in every Saturday, early as i could to haul through the singles. Sometimes i'd leave empty handed but a lot of the time i'd come away with a plastic bag full of the best grotty, slimey looking groups i'd never heard of slap bang on multi coloured tatty sleeves, rarely were they shit or more than a fiver! I hadn't had one of those little hauls for a while so i decided to get my fingers dusty.


I'm now at home smug as anything, 20 pall malls and 3 fucking singles! Tenner it cost, to the old tarts reading this i bet you can remember picking these up for 15p, hoorah to the past, unfortunately to any young man with coppers in his pocket and a thirst for those little black plastics, Oxfam now have the record price guide and every record shop has Popsike hence making it nearly impossible to 'bag a bargain' unless you really really trapse hard or buy a job lot of stuff, which i sadly had no time to do when in Camberwell this morning.

Johnny Moped - Incendiary device


One of the most dog eared, nasty little singles i've got. The lyrics say it all

Walkin down the road with my Incediary device
Lookin for a lady, blow er up with gelignite
stick it in er lug-oles watch it blow er 'ead apart
stick it in er lug-oles stick it in er other parts.

Metail Urbain - Paris Marquis

When i joined S.C.U.M all i would do live was slam down the nastiest sounds, i was never in time, nor listenable, i was sure i was turned down in every gig. Making a racket was all i wanted to do, if you listen to any Metal Urbain you can hear them cane their synthesizers in small doses, i would leave the keyboard on bypass and go from there.

Funnily enough it was in Paris i realised that i needed to learn the parts to the songs because we were playing on a big stage with a massive P.A and it sounded dispicable. Anyway dig this.. I couldn't find the flip to this single on the internet so a live performance is what you've got.. This cost me 3 quid in the bargain singles!! What the fuck is it doing in Camberwell!?

Fad Gadget - Back To Nature / The Box


Was over the moon to find this this morning, i love everything about this single, both sides are fucking excellent!

I call this post, raping rat records part 1 because i haven't really looked through my other stuff and hopefully there'll be more little finds to report in the future! Enjoy!

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