Saturday, 27 February 2010

My New House #1

I've decided to do a weekly post based on some brilliant architectural pictures i've found on the net called 'My New House'. I try and couple it with music i think suits it best.
-Chambre Des Enfants

Today i chose a track by Francis Dhomont called Chambre Des Enfants to accompany this strange structure. This music is absolutely stunning, mindblowing. It's the music of dreams, familiar day to day sounds that ride on waves of what i can only describe as an electronic current, softly accompanied by the most beautiful piano. It's like when you've had a busy day and your trying desperately to fall asleep in bed, turning the pillow over and over, counting sheep even though you know it doesn't work, thoughts come and go of the days events in a strange haze and blur, a flurry of sound, thoughts, ideas and memories crowd your already over worked brain which is now emitting a strange sweeping curtain of noise and a continual static pulse. You try haarrrd to sleep but your head is propelling this energy in the most obnoxious garish way. Until, you finally submit to sleep and the piano carries you gently onto the next track on the playlist which is usually seriously noisy and annoying so the dreams all over, awake again. Shit.


I love the complete deconstruction of music and construction of sound in this other track, 'Implosion'. i'm finding it so fascinating at the moment. Musique Concrete for me was never something i took much interest in or could relate to but the stuff i've heard from Dohmont and some of the french composers i've tracked down recently have left me speechless.

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