Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A Thousand Wonders

It's grey outside and dull inside i think it's time i got on the good foot.

Cajun Hart - Got To Find A Way

The lyrics in the song and the backing make me literally weak at the knees. Screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs with the single on full blast until my neighbours bang on the ceiling and the walls. Some seriously powerful stuff, might not appeal to most of you because you're either not listening to it loud enough or you have two left feet, but the band behind Mr Hart are giving it fucking everything and you can feel every punch of the brass and strings with the lyrics and racing drums through your bones and body, so i wonder where the wind blows. Fucking hell! you cannot beat music like this. I dig it out once every few months just for that added effect.

Danelle Darris - Don't Love Me And Leave Me

This was played to me by a friend when i was first getting into Northern Soul. Dannelle Darris is my future wife, with a voice like that i would do anything. like seriously anything.

Rita And Tiaras - Gone With Wind Is My Love


One of my absolute favourites, an amazing record. Prices on this one go out the roof, which i'm not suprised about. It's just got that driving beat and perfect female vocal which i won't rest until i have it in my hands. Ouch

T S U Toronadoes - A Thousand Wonders

A slightly more groovy version than i'm used to but nonetheless one of the sweetest coolest records from the scene that i've heard. I heard it first on one of the After Hours comps which are just fucking brilliant, seriously worth picking up on c.d if you see it.

Every single one of the songs above has opitimised feelings i've had for previous girlfriends and in my eyes will sum up many more ahead. The flirtations - nothing but a heartache for example is a record that sees you at your happiest with someone and a few months later your saddest without them. It's a classic and it's never been beaten, if you've heard it to much i feel sorry for you.

I'm fucking knackered after that and have just blown my speakers and thank you jack for reminding me how good these sounds were!

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  1. Nothing But A Heartache ... one of the best songs ever to be played at a disco. Total winner 7!