Monday, 22 February 2010

Modulate with ME #1

Erika Thrasher

Bands with girl synthesizer players are the fucking nuts. Girls that can Modulate like this are deitys. Erika Thrasher, i think is her name, and she plays in the texan band Indian Jewelry, she fucking rocks. She plays synthesizer, guitar and vox. Indian Jewelry were played to me by a friend recently whilst we were driving through hastings in almost complete darkness. Fucking hell it was good. Their album Invasive Exotics is insanity. Good speeding round country roads music, drunk melodies, storm trooper vocals, beautiful noise, throbbing synthesizers the fucking lot! This band are underrated, filthy and have been around too long for you to not know who they are.

Here is the link Via the marvellous I.d Reverberations Blogspot.

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