Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Truth


There are few records that i know and love that have the power that some of the songs on this album hold and have over me. I thought about this record this morning and i haven't actually stuck it on for a long time. So this morning, i decided that i'd put it on.


My god, It's an amazing record, the accompaniment, every shimmering texture comes alive in big surges of power and the memories listening to this record made me lie staring straight at the ceiling for the duration of the album reciting on the bare ceiling a fuzzy psychedelic haze of a photo book of what each song reminded me of. The record is really beautiful in places and also a bit naff but nonetheless i thought i'd share it with you because i care a lot about this record and hopefully you will to. rest in piece dee dee.

Here is the link via the mesmirization blog


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