Friday, 4 December 2009

Track of the Week #2

Nico - All That Is My Own


The first time i went on stage i played in a band called Le Volume Courbe, i played a few gigs as extra percussion, melodica and a strange growling Harmonium. I used to go down and rehearse at charlottes place in hampstead after school and my first gig was at the social for a sonic cathedral nico tribute night. When i first heard nico, charlotte had burned me a copy of Marble index and a copy of chelsea girls and a c.d of what we'd be doing which was a track called Le Petit Chevalier off the desertshore album and Réve Réveiller an outtake off of Marble Index. I remember chelsea girls was the album i really spent time listening to and loving, i neglected marble index and never went looking for any other of Nico's solo stuff, so when i found the c.d of the live recording at the social in 2005 i wanted to go and hunt down the albums of the songs we had played that night and i got my hands on desert shore and flicked through the tracks and decided to land on this one. I couldn't actually believe it. Really. It has this hypnotic beauty, every note she wails flows against the coldest winds of sweeping venus in furs string accompaniment, with radio like vocal treatments every so often with a morse code-esque trumpet. You feel like this wall of sound is closing in on you with sharp intense precision with this looming sorrowful vocal, then you listen harder, you perk up a bit and it suddenly feels like this song is wide open, a desert - a vast intimidating mass, flashing colours and a sound which makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end, it's a scary sound but so fucking beautiful. This record really is haunting, beautiful and has so much power. Let me know what you think, i'd be interested in seeing how this song makes you feel...

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Here is a poster and review for the night we played at..


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