Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Thank you God, Jesus, Mary, The Pope And Richmal Crompton

Carolyn Hester Coalition - Follow Me

I stood outside on a friends balcony recently when the snow was falling listening to this song, it was quite cold and really early, the sun was coming up slowly. I hadn't slept for thinking about someone and i put this song on and i can tell you it was one of the most beautiful situations. It was the slow burning of the end of a trip and everything was still and i sat watching a snow covered estate wake up, birds flying, clouds parting making way for the morning sun, the sound of the first train leaving the station nearby, children on their way to nursery. Everything moving in perfect conjuction with this song.

I found this record when i was trying to research a song i'd heard by Carolyn Hester and her Coalition a while back called Magic Man, which is a screaming relentless freight train of a record which put me in a spin the first time i heard it and still does. As noisy and ghostly as the scene in dumbo when he's having lsd dreams, an insane one off i came to find, off of the metromedia label, quite similar in style to Joanna's howling Hold up Insuite. But nothing like this stunning record, 'follow me' was the only thing i could find by her at the time and it warmed my cockles* on a pissing cold estate in camden better than a moody pscyh number ever could.
*(i was taught by my mum to use a word or expression as many times as i could when i first heard / learned it so warming my cockles will feature heavily in all future blogs to come so piss off and let me parade my warmed cockles)

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