Friday, 15 January 2010

Shoob Shoob Shooby Doob

Der Moderne Man - Dauerlauf
This'll melt your face off. My favourite punk record of all time and also my favourite music video. This record is perfect. The album is a goodun but i'd say for me this was theee stand out track. I get so fucking excited listening to this song. 1 minute 39 seconds later i've lost a shoe, my hairs on end, red faced, bedroom in a heap, no two ways - this record makes you thrash around like a pissed off badger. Listen to it loud on your ipod walking down deptford high street or before you go out, never play it early in a set and make sure you wake your mum up with it. All stellar advice for a song like this.

Probably my favourite change in a song at 40 seconds it's something else! Most fantastic vocals and drums! Though, in the video i have no idea which one is the singer. I wish i had friends that looked like that, they look like the coolest kids in Germany. My favourite one is the guy in the glasses at the back. Have a look...

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