Thursday, 23 July 2009


Cover versions. Everything from churned out or exciting reworked blues classics to Japanese Eleki bands and straight up pop covers - the cover version is fascinating!

Here are a few to wet your appetite

Firstly, i'd bunked off of school because of unfinished English coursework one Friday morning and decided to hit the record fair with the little money i had managed to save up. I was sure the best way i could procrastinate over an essay on Henry V, a play i hadn't even began reading yet was to trawl through boxes of records, boxes and boxes of sweet time killing essay forgetting records which can often be a big mistake when you have a bank account which is gathering dust, rapidly. My old man's birthday was drawing closer and i had got him nothing. In the first box of singles i went through sure enough! this monster of a record unearthed itself. Old man 7 had his 43rd birthday present sorted..

Dave Phillips and His Hot Rod Gang - Tainted Love

Have a little look at the myspace



I Found this cover while looking through youtube for clips of Ride and what a surprise it was, what a track! It really reminded me of the Spacemen 3 and Sound's nothing like the original but still it makes me feel the same way.. Off of the Heaven And Hell record

Ride - European Son



Here is a track played to me by Tom of S.C.U.M in one of our many trips up and down the country. When i tried to find it on the internet, i stumbled across the original as well. I don't think any of us realized it was a cover but here are both versions both as well delivered with an uneasy calm for what he's actually saying.

Here is the Eddie Noack Version

And The Beasts Of Bourbon Version

I can't tell who i would believe would sing this and mean it more...


Some Velvet Morning

I think Lee Hazlewood is generally untouchable and this song in particular pretty unbeatable in the cosmos of music but i think to make the Primals and Moss cover obsolete i feel the Slowdive version is certainly up for the job. The woman's vocal on this makes me feel a little uneasy and has a real ghostly feel to it but i think it genuinely has captured something that Lee originally wanted people to get from this song mostly through the instrumental backing.



And now, when in Southend recently a friend of mine showed me this track which i think is as good as the original. The fuzz on the guitar is bone shaking and i don't happen to speak a word of Turkish but prefer singing along to this version.. Enjoy..


Staying focused on Shocking Blue, Nirvana's cover of love buzz!

Shocking Blue



The Sun Always Shines On TV

Nadja, the band who describe themselves as Ambient Doom released 'The Sun Always Shines On TV' a whole covers album. I would seriously reccommend you listen if you like that heavier sound. There cover of MBV's Only Shallow isn't great but the cover of Slayers 'Dead Skin Mask' and Elliot Smiths 'Needle In The Hay' are both beautifully drawn out trudging monsters. The solitary vocals that sit with the noise just leave you floating in atmosphere some how unable to get up and change the record. They'll be playing Corsica on the 2nd so i imagine it will be a good one. I have no download link for this unfortunately so i'm going to have to leave you to find this one..

(( They cover Aha, Slayer Swans, My Bloody Valentine, Elliot Smith, The Cure, Kids in The Hall and Codeine )) Horrific Record Sleeve though..



To rap up this post Big Black with the model, 1,2 fuck you!

Check these out too

Diamanda Galas - I Put A Spell on You (only person who can yelp as well as Jay Hawkins)
Scott Walker - Scott sings Brel (Great Record but i'm not so familiar with originals)
Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra (Recent-ish c.d release of the mans own work and some interesting remixes)
R Stevie Moore Does The Beatles (I'm only sleeping in particular sounds really fucked up)
Nico - Heroes (Not such a great version but a great video

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